Hello, I’m Jenn Jonkman, wife, mom of 4 children, founder of Hale Holistics and your Ketogenic nutrition coach! My goal is to help you eat better and feel great!

I have a real passion for food. Before Hale Holistics, my businesses were cooking and baking. My first business was making freezer meals that were designed to be properly portioned for a family of 4. To be successful, I put in a lot of work into gaining the knowledge and understanding of food and portion control. My next business was making specialty cakes and cupcakes. CAAKEEEE = Sugar and an ever-expanding waistline. So, what led me to Keto?

At the time, It felt like suddenly there was this whirlwind Keto explosion everywhere and people losing weight by eating fat! FAT! Now, I’m an opinionated and outspoken person, yet this keto fad of bacon fat was no exception to this. However, being the sceptic that I am, I took every opportunity to question the Ketogenic diet and this apparently healthy lifestyle because of the seemingly ridiculous notion that eating fats would help a person lose fat based weight. So, if you’re in that place I know how you feel.

As I started to learn more about eating ketogenically by watching documentaries, reading the latest reserach studies, reading doctor testimonials, as well as other proponents of the diet I realized something very important. Keto isn't just a diet and a lifestyle. Keto is life coaching.

My own journey into keto had begun and I was seeing real results! I became a sponge. My passion for food, business, and a successful weight loss program were mixing together like the ingredients of a tasty meal. This jumbled goodness made me so excited!

I talked to ‘famous’ Ketoers, bloggers and all these “certified” Keto experts on how I could also help people with these knowledge and skills that I gained. How could I use this tool and my passion to start helping people in my community?

I created Hale Holistics and our personally guided Keto programs that are designed for weight loss success! Your success is my success. I want to be there and help you stay committed even when the journey seems tough. Keto only works with real dedication and I am here to help keep you on track!

I am proud to offer and share my experience and knowledge of Keto with you. My goal as your healthy eating Ketogenic guide is to help you become successful with your keto weight loss journey.

As a coach, above all I value honesty, integrity, and transparency. That is how I live my life. These are values that I share with everyone that I meet. My goal is to help empower people by providing an open, and safe environment for healthy eating that includes honesty and accountability. These are personal qualities that we rarely find in health and fitness apps and programs. It's my commitment to be present in your journey so you can succeed.

Thank you for letting me guide you on this journey!